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Annotate a VCF or BED file with StrVCTVRE

You may upload a VCF or BED file up to 50 MB. For VCF files, only lines that contain 'END' and 'SVTYPE' in the INFO column will be annotated. For BED files, each tab separated line must contain chromosome, start, stop, and svtype in that order. Example VCF file and BED file.
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If you provide your email, you will be emailed a link to retrieve your file once it has been annotated.
By clicking 'Annotate variants', you confirm that you have the authority to provide this information to StrVCTVRE. You also understand that the StrVCTVRE web server does not require user registration, so your data is potentially accessible by third parties that could guess file names. After 30 days your files will be deleted from our server and it is your responsibility to back up any data and results. You hereby irrevocably agree to hold the StrVCTVRE developers harmless from any form of liability if the data that you provide becomes compromised.
Please click 'Annotate variants' only once. After several seconds (potentially a few minutes for large files) you will be redirected to a page where you can download your annotated variants.
If you use StrVCTVRE in your published work, please cite:
Sharo AG, Hu Z, Sunyaev SR, and Brenner SE. 2022. StrVCTVRE: A supervised learning method to predict the pathogenicity of human genome structural variants. The American Journal of Human Genetics 109:195-209. doi:10.1016/j.ajhg.2021.12.007